Why is my provider account is frozen?

When a provider does not pay the bill, we freeze the account, preventing all associated providers to login.

Our payment policy requires payment within 30 days of billable usage. You can pay monthly or in advance. We currently do not accept PO's in place of payment.

In order to see your balance due, providers can login and go to the "Billing" tab. You can pay by credit card with PayPal or by check. Checks can be made payable to "Manhattan Psychology Group, PC" and mailed to 107 West 82nd St, LL Suite 106, New York, NY 10024. Please indicate the billing provider name on the payment so we can apply it accordingly. 

When payment is not received in a timely fashion, we send out reminder emails and then freeze the provider's account until the balance is paid. We also move all charts to the inactive folder to prevent automatic billing the next month. We move charts and freeze accounts for all providers under the same billing email. Frozen providers cannot login or make changes to their accounts until the balance is paid.

Once the balance is paid, we will unfreeze the accounts and email the provider that the account is active and login is re-enabled.

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