How do I start the new school year with my existing student charts?

If you have eDRC students from last year that you want to continue with into the new school year, there are 2 main options to consider. Both with pros/cons that we have outlined below so that you can retain all the data from the previous year, while gathering new data from the upcoming year. Scores, trends and comments are stored within each class or class schedule so careful attention needs to be paid here so that important data is not lost and can be easily retrieved when creating new charts on existing students.

1. Create a new chart and class schedule for the new school year. First, label the old chart and class schedule by year (Johnny-2016-2017) so it's easy to find and track.





Then move the chart with the old schedule still applied to your inactive folder. This will save all the scores, trends and comments in one location to easily find for future reference.





Then create new student chart and new class schedule for the new school year (Johnny-2017-2018). 






The benefits to this approach are that you are keeping the school years separate and easy to find. The downside is that you have to look into your Inactive charts to find old data, rather than it being all in one spot on the same student chart.

2. Extend the class schedule date range and add new classes for the new school year.

First, change the date range for the class schedule so that it extends into the new school year. The old classes will no longer appear on the scoring page as long as their date ranges are set properly to not show anymore.


Then add new classes and teachers for the new school year, making sure that their date ranges do not extend beyond the date range of the class schedule.



The benefits to this approach is that you can see all the student data (scores, trends and comments) on a single chart for multiple years. The downside is that the class schedule will be very large and might feel overwhelming because it is showing classes from multiple years, many of which are no longer actively being scored.


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