Can charts be transferred between providers?

No. The only way providers can share charts is to assign the another Providers as a Secondary Provider. Secondary providers can create charts, edit charts they are invited to, and score charts, but cannot remove the primary provider from the chart.

The Secondary Provider must be added by a Primary Provider. Just click on chart's Invite Tab on the main eDRC Page. 



Enter the email of a Secondary Provider and then click "Invite".




The Secondary Provider will receive an email with the password and link to login or create their eDRC account.

When the Secondary Provider logs into the eDRC system, the following notification will appear:




The 2ndary provider clicks "Confirm" and then will be able to see the chart he/she is assigned to.

Please note that the Secondary Provider will be billed for having access to the charts based on the number of charts (2 or more) in the Active folder.

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