Can our bookkeeper or administrator serve as the billing provider?

Yes. Bookkeepers and administrators who are responsible for billing but are not directly involved with creating and managing charts can register as Providers to serve as the billing providers.

They should sign up in eDRC system as a provider and make themselves the billing provider. They will be able to login as the provider just to manage the bills. They will not be charged as long as they do not create any charts and are not added to any charts as secondary providers. Please note that the Provider's account who has 2 or more active charts will be billed.

To register in eDRC system you need to do the following:

1. Go to  and click "Provider Sign Up".




Then you need to fill out all the needed information and put your email as the billing email.



After you complete your registration, you will be emailed instructions on how to login.

When you login, click on the "Billing" link on the right sidebar on your main eDRC page.


The billing page shows you the Total Balance Due, the number of Providers under your account, each Provider's Billable Rate, and all the Payments that were made.



In order to see how many providers do you have in your account, click on "Details" .



On the billing page, you will also find all the necessary information to create an invoice, download our W9 and pay by Paypal or check. The same information is publicly available here




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