How can I tell if my teachers are scoring?

There are 3 main areas to look to check if your teachers are scoring.

1. On the main dashboard page when you login, if you put your mouse over "Trends" or any other link, you'll see an explanation of that link. For trends, it shows the mean score for the last 30 days and the mean number of scored classes per day for the last 30 days.




2. In the trends section, on the screenshot below, you can see that the last scores for both classes were made on November 11th.

If you hover over a point on a graph in blue you will see:

the percentage scored for that day
the points earned
the number of classes scored


3. You can also find out which teachers have not completed scoring certain classes by clicking on the "View My Classes" link on the right. It will show a list of all the unscored classes which you can select and send a scoring reminder to that teacher.



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