Why can't one of my teachers score a student's chart?

Even though a teacher might be invited to a chart, teachers must to be assigned to a specific class in order to be able to score that class. This prevents teachers from scoring the wrong class.

There are two ways to assign a teacher, via the view/chart's page or class schedule page.

1) On the Chart/view page, click on the chart and then the class tab.


The classes tab is below.


This will show where to add or edit a class. To add a teacher to an existing class, click on the class. To add a new class, click the "Add" button at the very bottom.

Then, on Manage Classes page, you can assign a teacher by entering his/her email, as well as select the class from the drop-down list or add your own. Then click "Save"



2) On the Class Schedule page, follow the same procedures as above.




Or, on click on the "Class Schedule" link on the right-sidebar:



And then the edit icon

And then follow the same procedures as above.


If you want to check your work, you can use your provider override to see what teachers and parents see. For more details, please use this link:


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