What's the difference between a Billing Provider, Primary Provider, Secondary Provider, Teacher, and Parent account?

This is an important decision because you cannot change your user type after you sign up. Each email can only be linked to a single account type. So you want to make the correct choice from the start.

1. Billing Providers are responsible for payment for themselves and any other providers who register under their email. They can create, edit and share charts just like any other provider. 

The billing provider can see the billing information for their account and all other providers under their billing email. They can see the total due, create invoices and receive a monthly billing email update.


2. Primary Providers
 can sign up on their own to create charts, class and goal schedules, and invite teachers and parents. Providers are the only billable user type. They are the ones in control of the charts.

3. Secondary providers
 are providers assigned to charts that they did not create. The primary provider who created the chart can add them and give them complete control but cannot remove the primary provider from the chart.

All types of providers are charged for usage when they have 2 or more charts in their Active folder. It doesn't matter if they create the chart or have the chart shared with them.

4. Teachers
can only score charts, not edit them.

5. Parents can only view the chart.

Teachers and parents can only sign up and access charts by being invited by a Provider.

All users can make and edit their own comments.

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