What are the different types of "Trends" to show progress over time?

Trends are a powerful way to measure and track progress over time. 

There are three different types of Trends to view:

1) "By Class" means that only classes will be shown on the Trend diagram. 



Please see the meaning of points:




2) "By Goals" means that only goals will be shown on the Trend diagram.


For both "By Class" and "By Goals" points are shown separately for each class or for each goal.

3) "Overall" means the total score for all goals and all classes 


If you hover over a point on a graph in blue you will see:

1) the percentage scored for that day

2) the possible points earned

3) the number of classes scored


In each view, you can click on the trend line in the legend to hide/show that item. You can also click on the daily score which will bring you to that particular scored day.

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