What is the "Chart Checker?"

This feature allows you to see what must be changed on the chart, if somethings is not working. For example, a teacher does not get alerts. In this case, you will see the sign "Alerts set up for teachers", which means that the settings are not set up.

You can check your charts' settings by clicking Check Chart For:

On the screenshot below, you can see that the box for only the first chart is checked.

If you wish to check all charts at once, you should check the box as on the second screenshot:

The circles will appear next to Trends. If a circle is green, the settings are correct. If red, something from the following list is missing:

Charts with goals showing up

Charts with classes showing up

Charts with assigned teachers

Alerts set up for teachers

Teachers assigned to classes and to the chart

To check what is exactly missing, please hover a cursor over the circle.


"Charts with goals or classes showing up" means that a chart has a class schedule with goals. If this sign is red, you need to add a class(es) or a goal(s) to a class(es).

If you see the red sign "Charts with assigned teachers", it is necessary to assign a teacher(s) to a class(es).

"Alerts set up for teachers" sign shows the correct or incorrect settings. If it is red, please go to Alerts Settings in order to check them all. The boxes with preferable alerts should be checked.

The following red sign "Teachers assigned to classes and to the chart" means that a teacher(s) is assigned neither to the chart nor a class(es). To fix it, please check the assignment on the chart and on the Classes tab.

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