What is the difference between adding a class on the chart page or adding a class to a class schedule?

There are two ways to add a class:

1) Adding a class to a single chart

If you add a class on a chart/score page, it will be applied only to the chart you created it for. If you wish to add the same class for other charts as well, you will need to add the class on a class schedule page. In this case, please see the second option (addition of a class to a class schedule).

Addition of a class to a chart:

Please make sure you are on Classes tab.

On Manage Classes page, you should assign a teacher by entering her or his email address, choose a class from the drop-down list or add your own and choose frequency. When you are done, please click Save.

2) Adding a class to a class schedule, which can then be applied to multiple students

The major difference is that now you can add this class schedule to multiple student charts at once.

In the drop-down list, you will find all the charts without class schedules. What to do if you want to assign a schedule to a particular chart, but you are not seeing it in the drop-down list?

a) You need to un-assign the chart from other schedule by clicking the "x".

b) Choose the chart name in the drop-down list.

Here is a second way to add a class to a class schedule:

Then follow the same procedures as above

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