How can I change my chart details?

There are three ways to change your chart details, such as the chart title, chart ID, grade and rewards. You can also add/delete parents and providers to the chart in the chart details section.

Option 1: Use the Bulk Edit option as follows: 

Check the chart(s) you want to edit, and then click the edit button. Here you can only change the Grade and Rewards columns. 

Make sure to click the rewards checkbox to open the 3 options.


Option 2: Click the edit button on the chart in the Active Charts page


This will open this page:


After you make your changes, remember to hit "Save" at the very bottom.

Option 3: Click on the chart and then the "Details" tab


Make sure to switch to Details tab.



Note! Rewards must not match.

E.g. The second amount on the Low column must not match with the first amount on Med column. Otherwise, the columns will be red framed and the system will not allow you to save changes:





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