What are scheduled and non-scheduled goals?

There are 2 ways to show goals on a chart. You can add goals directly to the chart or you can apply a goals schedule to a chart. The biggest difference is that a Goals Schedule can be applied to multiple charts.


1) To add a goal to a chart

If you add a goal to a chart, it will be applied only to the chart you created it for.

Adding a goal to a chart:



Then click on the "Goals" tab on the chart/score view:


 Which brings up the Goals popup below:

When you are done entering the name, description, start date and finish date, please click "Save" button at the very bottom.



2) To add a goal to a Goals Schedule that can be applied to multiple charts at once.

Please go to Goals Schedules page:



You can edit your existing Goals Schedules or create a new Goals Schedule. 


If you click in Individual Student Charts field, you will find all the charts that do not have goals schedules yet.


When you choose a chart(s), please add a goal(s):


The next pop-up window will appear:

After you added a goal(s), click Add goal button. The goal(s) will be applied to the chart(s) you chose.



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