Why aren't my teachers and parents receiving email alerts?

There are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot why parents and teachers are not receiving email alerts.

Step 1: Make sure your Alert Settings are set up properly.

Looking at the screen shots below, you can see the steps to find your alert settings. Here, you can easily and quickly control email alerts for all teachers, parents and providers assigned to all your charts. 

The Alert Settings are on the right-sidebar.


The system will redirect you to this page:




Click on a green triangle to show more options.


You can select individual users, individual charts or individual types of email alerts. Or, you can select all of the above at once. 


After you are done making adjustments, remember to hit "Save" at the very bottom.

Finally, you can also adjust alert settings directly on the particular chart by clicking here:

Step 2: Check your email log to make sure the emails were sent out



If your alerts are set up properly, then emails will be in your email log. You can choose to resend specific emails if you want.


Step 3: Ask your teachers and parents to check their Spam or Junk Folders

If they find emails there, make sure they mark them as "not spam" 

Step 4: Ask your technology person to whitelist our domain: www.e-drc.com.

This way all emails from our server will be delivered and not blocked




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