How can I delete a class off a chart for one student without removing the class for other students with the same assigned class schedule?

If you wish to delete a class (lesson) off the only one chart (child), you have to go neither to Class Schedules on the right-sidebar nor to Class schedule page (see two screenshots below).



Deleting a chart off these pages causes the removal of a chart schedule (all classes which appear on the class schedule) itself. Please see the example:

By clicking either on Class Schedules on the right-sidebar or on Class schedule page, the following window will appear:


It shows that two charts (A.M. and A.I.) are assigned to one class schedule (A.M.’s Schedule).

The class schedule consists of two classes: Activity Works and 1st Core. If you delete a class say Activity Works on this page, it will be deleted on both charts (A.M. and A.I.).



In order to avoid this, please do the following:

Click on a chart, and then delete a class from there by clicking the “x”.





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