What can I do in Trends?

Trends show, for any date range, the overall mean score, score by class, score by goal and scores for any particular day. In the legend area, you can see the running mean score, high and low reward parameters, mean # scored classes and total # of Yes + No scores. You can also print and download these graphs.


1) The first place where you can view Trends is on your active EDRC home page.




By clicking on Trends you will be redirected to the Trends page for a specific chart.



You may change the date range using the calendar pop-up:


If you hover over a point on a graph in blue you will see:

the percentage scored for that day

the possible points earned

the number of classes scored


If you click on that point, it will open a child's chart to that day in a new window in your browser:


You can remove from your view the High and Low reward lines by clicking on them. When you click again they become visible.


You can view the Trends by Class or Goals, each class or goal has his own color:



2) The second place is Trends button from the score view.




You can download and print trends in several formats, including PDF and jpeg:



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