What is the difference between folders: Active, Inactive & Deleted?

"Active", "Inactive" and "Deleted" folders are on the manage box of the right-sidebar:


When you click on "Active Charts" tab, you see all the charts which can be scored. After you move a chart to "Inactive" or "Deleted" folders, they become invisible for parents who are assigned to this chart. Teachers and secondary providers will still see the charts in their "Inactive" folder, secondary providers will see the charts in their "Deleted" folder as well (teachers do not have "Deleted" folder), but they will not be able to score or leave comments. 

Charts that are in the "Inactive" and "Deleted" folders will not send email reminders or alerts and will not be considered billable.

You can move charts back and forth between folders as much as needed. Except moving charts into active could trigger billing. To know more about billing terms, please use the following link: https://e-drc.com/page/costs.


In order to move a chart, please do the following:

Select the chart you wish to move to the "Inactive" or "Deleted" folder and click the "Move" button, as shown on the screenshot below:



Then choose the folder where your chart needs to be moved:





Note! Active charts not scored within 30 days will be auto-moved into the inactive folder.

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