If I delete a teacher account, will all the scores be lost?

No. The scores and comments will remain, but the teachers name will be removed.

The system works fine with any other date, except the date a chart was deleted. It allows you to see scores on the score view and trends pages.

If providers use the orange arrows of the date picker on the score view page to go back or forward in time, they will not be able to see only the scores of the date a chart was deleted.

If a provider goes to "Trends" and click on the date a chart was deleted, the system will not redirect him/her to the score page, as it normally does. Instead, providers will get the error: "We left a rock unturned and you found it!". (Please note that it does not affect statistics).



What should I do if I need to see the scores on the specific date (the date a chart was deleted)? 

In order to see the scores on the specific date, please click on a chart and switch to the "Trends" tab. You may see the scores if you hover over a point on a graph in blue. Please see the example:




Note! Users cannot delete their accounts themselves! If you wish to delete your account, please contact our support!

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