How primary and secondary providers share control over classes and goals?

The primary provider is the provider who originally creates the chart. Providers who are given access to a chart they did not create are called secondary providers.

For each chart, providers can add classes or class schedules, and goals or goals schedules. Each has different rules between providers which are explained below


When two providers share a chart, only one provider can control the classes and class schedule at a time. The secondary provider can not add his own classes and change the class schedule that was created by the Primary Provider.


Only the primary provider can edit his/her own class schedule, even if it’s shared with the Secondary provider.

The secondary provider can only change the class schedule on the chart after the primary provider removes his/her class schedule first. 



The Secondary provider will be able to apply an existing class schedule or create a new class schedule after the primary provider removes his/her class or class schedule from the chart.


Unlike classes and class schedules, goals schedules can be edited by both the primary and the secondary providers at the same time.

When the secondary provider accepts the chart from the primary provider and goes to the goals schedule page, he/she will see a new schedule added:



The secondary provider can click on "edit" button and change the existed goals schedule and add new goals to the goals schedule.

After this change the secondary provider will become the owner of this goals schedule.  


The primary provider can also change the goals schedule of the secondary provider even if he /she is not the owner of the schedule anymore. 

The primary provider can change the date range and add goals. For this, the primary provider must go on a goals schedule and add a new goal.

After this change, the primary provider will become the owner of this goals schedule again. 

Please note that the owner of the goals schedule will be the last provider who edited it. 

Unlike goals schedules, individual goals on the chart are only controlled by the primary provider who created the chart.

When the primary provider adds a goal not on the goals schedule but directly on the chart, the secondary provider will not be able to change that goal. 
Secondary providers don't have the "Goal" Tab on a Student's chart. 
If the secondary provider wants to change the individual goals on the chart, he/she must ask the primary provider to edit or remove the goal. Or the secondary provider can add his/her own goal to the Goals Schedule.
The secondary and primary providers can only both control the goals that are on the goals schedule.


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